Microsoft 365

Whether you are planning to move to Office 365 or want to optimize your existing environment, you have come to the right place.

Frustrated that you can only use Office 2021 on one device? With Microsoft 365, you can have all applications on up to five devices at the same time, with real-time synchronization of your emails on each of them.

If your email server is overloaded, instead of spending hours archiving messages, our team can implement an automatic archiving function for you.
Problems with incoming and outgoing e-mails, such as incomprehensible errors when returning a sent e-mail, are our concern.

Do you want to easily search the emails of all your employees in one place? Just give us a call.

If you've ever encountered a message that an Excel document you're working on with colleagues is read-only because it's supposedly open somewhere else—even though you know it's not—with Microsoft 365, that problem becomes a thing of the past. It allows you to work on files in real time, without any limitations in collaboration.

Migrating to Microsoft 365

Why should you move to Microsoft 365?

Microsoft is a cloud solution that allows its users to access their documents from a desktop PC, Mac, iOS or Android device.

You don't need to worry about losing your data anymore. On local servers, data is vulnerable to hardware and software problems, corruption, unauthorized access and malware. Also, one license for Office 365 allows use on five different devices with the same account, which makes this service very flexible and economical.

Although almost every company is familiar with Office 365, not every company takes full advantage of its potential.

There it comes Perspekta. We are well versed in all the details of Microsoft products, from implementation to data protection and management. We've used our expertise to help businesses get the most out of Microsoft Office 365, you could be paying thousands of dollars for licenses you don't really need.

Perspekta provides you with superior security, accelerates user adoption, implements migration and consolidation faster and continuously monitors the resources you need.

Microsoft products also have 24/7 support and 99.9% availability according to their SLA (Service Level Agreement). Never sacrifice your productivity!