Your Microsoft 365 migration partner

Migration to Microsoft 365 by certified specialists

Certified Microsoft experts

We are able to ensure a successful outcome with the shortest possible downtime. Our team consists of experienced experts who have been with us for many years, ensuring your peace of mind and satisfaction.

Complete migration services

Our specialists will take care of every aspect of your migration to Microsoft 365 from start to finish. Audits, data handling, cyber security preparation, process optimization, training and future troubleshooting - leave it all to us.

Customized business packages

We do not take a "one model fits all" approach. Every industry, business, department and team is different, so your migration plan will be tailored.

You will get your own personal migration professional

Call your migration expert from Perspekta whenever you need help. We don't leave things unfinished - you'll get full cloud migration, post-migration support, as well as long-term training and troubleshooting, all part of the Perspekta service.

Why should you choose Perspekta as your migration partner?

Be productive anywhere

Continue working on the same document wherever you are, without having to access your work computer to your office computer. If your team is working on documents that sync in real time, productivity will increase exponentially. 

Migracija Microsoft Srbija

File sharing with partners and clients

Got a huge amount of data to email to a client? Forget about complications with zipping files. With SharePoint, you can easily share files in an instant and manage access permissions. 

Fajlovi Microsoft Srbija